Dear     - The Company's Leading Board,

                                                                   - Office Manager,

   Hai Phong Industrial Cleaning and Trading Joint Stock Company would like  to delivery our greetings and best wishes to our excellency customers!

   Hai Phong Industrial Cleaning and Trading Joint Stock Company is specialized in the field of industrial cleaning. Being one of the first professional company, we provide the following services:

1. Provide experienced staff and equipment for maintaining daily cleaning or general claening after construction, making hygiene regularly for hospitals, schools, supermarkets, offices, workshops, industrial parks, buildings,...

2. Provide trash (different sizes), garbage vehicles, portable toilets, guardbooths, and other industrial cleaning equipment such as scrubber unit, combined scrubber, industrial vacuum cleaners.


3. Services in bonsai trimming, landscape grass, campus care.

   Our Company has been widely providing cleaning services for hospitals, offices, hotels, aparments, buidings, supermarkets, factories, industrial zones in HaiPhongCity and neighboring provinces. With over a hundred staff who have been training in cleaning techniques and machinery using skills that are currently being applied in developed countries,  we have met  all rigorous and challenging requirements of foreign companies based in Vietnam such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, or American companies and other big bussinesses of Vietnam as well.

   In addition, we are also a leading unit of the City to offer industrial trash (trash composite, HDPE plastic, stainless steel, polypropylene), tole garbage vihicles, guard booths, portable WC composite...

   With  a series of invesments in mordern equipments and our dedicated phylosophy of always listening to customers for our success, the Company will bring a better life and a completely hygenic enviroment for all of us.

   Please contact us as soon as possible , you will enjoy and satisfy with our professional services.

   It is our pleasure to cooperate with you.

   Thank you and best regards,

                                        Hai Phong Industrial Cleaning ang Trading Joint Stock Company.


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